Herb n’ Harmony- Rooibos Wellness Tea

Orange Créme Rooibos: 
A wholesome blend of Red Rooibos, 
Orange and Ginger to aid in digestion, mineral restoration, skin hydration, and boost immunity. Treatyour taste buds to the accompanying fruit flavors!            

This is the perfect loose leaf tea, conveniently and individually packed for you in 10 Biodegradable Nylon Sachets for maximum absorption of minerals and vitamins. Loose leaf tea has never been this easy to prepare and enjoy.

Ingredients: red rooibos, organic orange peel, organic ginger root, pineapple, mango, papaya, almond, coconut, walnut, hazelnut. Naturally Caffeine-Free

Directions: Add 1 sachet to 8oz of boiled water, steep for 6-8 minutes and enjoy hot or iced!


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