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May 18, 2021 2 min read

Mentally Healthy?

You may or may not be aware that MAY is Mental Health Awareness Month! (See what we did there)! ;) This has been so in the United States, since 1949.

As we finish off the last half of the month, it is vital we remain conscious of the things that trigger our emotions, positive and negative.

In the past year alone, anxiety and depression rates across the globe have increased in unimaginable rates. Based on a systematic search conducted across 5 research institutions, symptoms of anxiety rose from 6.3% to 50.9%, depression: 14.6% to 48.3%, PTSD: 7% to 53.8%, and stress: 8.1% to 81.9%. These numbers are significant for obvious reasons as our world suddenly changed before our eyes.

Whether you are part of these statistics or not, it is important to remain aware and expose yourself only to factors that contribute to the healthy aspect of your mental state. For the rest of May and everyday, here are some ways to nourish your mental health:

  • Social Connection: Spend much needed time with close friends and loved ones and communicate your basic struggles and stressors as voicing out is an effective therapeutic way to relieve stress and tension.


  • Leisure Time: Spend time alone or with family, doing things that make you feel relaxed or at peace. Simple activities like tub-time, long walks, weekend getaways, exercise, taking photos of yourself, skincare routines (of course), road trips, spa days, trying on clothes, eating at your favorite restaurants or just propping your feet up to watch a feel good movie, are all ways to aid in your mental health as long as you are intentional and aware of why you’re doing these activities. Give it a try and blow your own mind!


  • Motivational Speeches: Depending on your faith and interests, you may opt for a sermon/preaching or a motivational speaker. Either/both are amazing ways to feel inspired and empowered. In these challenging and uncertain times, many have resorted to substance use and abuse to escape their sad reality. Feeding your mind and your heart healthy and insightful inspirational messages gives you a much better experience of a natural high and a purposeful one, at that.


Among many other options, the world is still filled with so much more good if we look for it. So this May and everyday thereafter, choose HEALTH for your mental state and be kind to others as we’re all living in trying times. If you happen to become overwhelmed pass what you can do to help yourself, there’s a 24 hour mental health hotline in the USA. Please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Maame Serwaa
Maame Serwaa

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