Glow Village is a purpose driven beauty brand for the wellness-conscious, cultivating a higher sense of self worth and confidence. Created for indulgence, our products are formulated with only the minimum necessary ingredients for maximum effect. 

Due to factors like environmental changes, occasional breakouts and hormone imbalances to name a few, even the best skin has flaws. We understand that healthy skin is not perfect and perfect skin does not exist, which is why it is our goal to bring out the best in your skin's function, texture and appearance. We call this your 'glow potential.' No matter what stage your skin is in, we aim to cater to its needs.

With wellness a core value, we are dedicated to products without unnecessary additives, colorants, synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals. At Glow Village, we glorify and celebrate the healthy skin care space by empowering you to not only feel good, but to prioritize and indulge in your skincare rituals. 




As a young girl, I loved all things beauty and wellness alike and as I grew older and took a closer look at my skincare labels, I quickly learned how toxic many products are and was stunned by the limited regulations for beauty products. I was initially curious about the contents of my products because although my skin looked decent, it wasn’t its best in texture and function. Additionally, becoming a busy mom of three and a full time nurse among other roles, pointed to the lack of indulgence when it came down to my daily skincare routines. I became inspired to not only create safe and effective products, but also products meant to be enjoyed and intentionally indulged with no guilt or excuses. Glow Village celebrates wellness and positive self-image by encouraging mental, emotional and physical well-being. This initiative is extended through community building, by providing self-care products to underprivileged girls and women in Ghana throughout the year. The mission brings fulfillment to our customers as it brings purpose to our brand, especially with sourcing some of our ingredients right from my home, Ghana.

                                                      -Maame Serwaa                
                                                        Founder & CEO 

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