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June 17, 2021 2 min read

Summertime is known for the beautiful memories and special moments, orchestrated with loved ones. It is also a time most people feel down or stressed out about not being able to do what they see everyone else doing. Beautiful experiences don’t have to cost an arm and a leg and most times, its the simplest things we enjoy the most. Here are a few sexy summer vibes with little to no cost:

  • Picnics

    Whether at a park, backyard or beach, picnics can become a major vibe with small personal touches such as a color coordinated layout, food selections, adding umbrellas, music via a small speaker, matching family outfits, etc. Don’t underestimate a nice picnic experience. 

  • Outdoor Movies

    An outdoor movie experience on a warm Summer night is super sexy and relaxing. Its an activity that requires you to do nothing but kick back and truly relax as you take in the beautiful weather and ambiance. Many local listings have these for free, or you can create it to your liking, in your own backyard.

  • Local Excursions

    Unfortunately, activities don’t come to you; you have to go to them so a lot of people miss out on their local offers as they don’t inquire or search for them. Search your town or city’s website for Summer activities and you’ll be blown away by the number of free and highly discounted activities right under your nose. Simply sign up, show up and catch your vibe! 

  • Boat Rides

    Boat rides are amazing for getting that “away vibe” without having to go away. If you live close to a body of water, simply search online for boat rides, tours, etc right on the water LOCALLY. 

  • Local Hotel Stays

    Now many people shy away from hotel stays if it isn’t for travel purposes. But just imagine how beautiful it would be to book a hotel a few miles away or even in the next town or city and exploring your own backyard as your would while on vacation. The breakfast and room service options make this an amazing pampering experience. 

  • Comedy Shows

    The Summer is made for kicks and giggles! Don’t let the season fly by without getting cute and attending at least 2 comedy shows. If anything is a sexy vibe, a live comedy show or live band definitely is up there. 

  • In-home Personal Chef

    This one is amazing for the homebodies who still want a little kick out of Summer. Book a personal chef for a candlelit dinner at home and enjoy the same service you would at a restaurant, except BETTER!

Maame Serwaa
Maame Serwaa

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