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The Plant-based Hype

February 28, 2021 2 min read

Choosing plant-based products, skin, glow, healthy!

As you may already know, your skin is your body's LARGEST organ. It is a pretty big deal...literally. What's even bigger are the many roles your skin plays in your overall health. From internal organ protection to health maintenance, your skin has an abundance of responsibilities. While many may overlook a proper skincare regimen, skin health and appearance does play a role in emotional wellbeing, mental health, confidence and most importantly, a properly functioning body. 

With the vast array of skincare brands on the market, one can easily be swoon to test and try products without proper knowledge of their contents. 
Most brands don't consider or even care about their consumers' skin health. Corners are cut, chemicals are beautified with perfumes and attractive textures and packaged with the beautiful marketing words all for their end product; their $$$. Some even claim plant-based with the opposite ingredients listed on their labels.

People are more conscious today and most follow the plant-based trend without fully understanding why. Plant-based skincare ingredients are literally nature's best remedies. The ingredients for these products are ethically sourced, pure, clean and of course antioxidant rich! The latter is what makes plant-based products highly sought after. Feeding your skin antioxidants is equivalent to clean eating and routine exercise for your body. Antioxidants fight free radicals, RESTORE your body's cells and strengthen the barrier function the skin has. The icing on the cake is the GLOW. Your skin's glow or lack thereof, will always speak for the products you use.

Read the ingredient labels on your products and compare it against the claims on the front. We'll get into label reading another time but for now, keep your shelves and counters full of nature's best offers.
And choose from a brand that has your self-care in mind ;)